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Workshops & Seminars
Consultation Overview

Consultations for Residential and Commercial Properties

Analysis and Feng Shui solutions for residences and business to promote and optimize the flow of beneficial “QI” energy in order to trigger new opportunities, support career, enhance creativity and scholastic achievements as well as finances and relationships.

Consultations for Real Estate Sellers and Buyers

Smart buyers and investors know that the more informed they are about the residence or property they are considering purchasing, the better chance they have in making it a success. Feng Shui plays an extremely important role in assessing the quality of the real estate, land or property investment. In order to determine the long or short-term success of a real estate investment highly specialized Feng Shui Techniques are used.

Services for Builders, Developers, Architects and Interior Designers

Consultations, and recommendations for new construction and renovations. Analysis to determine the balance between the external environment and the interior arrangement such as specific rooms, furniture placement, objects, textures and colors,

Interior Decorating and Design

Solange is one of the few Feng Shui experts offering Interior Design under
“Classical Feng Shui”. Starting with a clear understanding of the client’s needs, Solange, creates a superior living environment that is specifically designed to support each individual resident by enhancing health and relationships, supporting career, studies and creativity through the applications of the principles of the “Ancient Chinese Wisdom” of Feng Shui.

What about the Children’s Spaces

Children as we know are extremely sensitive to their environment, with Feng Shui Solange can design spaces that will support their health and relationships, enhance learning and creativity, and avoid harmful influences in their present surroundings.

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