Consultation Overview

It’s not just knowing how to live… but where?

An analysis includes seen and unseen energy patterns in your living or working space.  Personal compatibility with family members, co-workers, and how these energy patterns could affect your career, money, health and relationships.  After carefully analyzing your space, and locating the unseen energies, solutions are suggested.  Some of the suggestions could be as simple as reorganizing your living space, and others involving creative, affordable and practical recommendations such as adding a water features, accessories representing the elements of:   Fire, Earth, Metal, Water or Wood.

My Feng Shui services are performed with accuracy and detail. See below for an explanation of what my Feng Shui consultation consists of.

  • Analysis of the exterior and interior environment and to identify beneficial or harmful features.
  • Taking a magnetic measurement (exact facing/sitting degrees) with a Traditional Chinese Compass (Lo-Pan) and verifying with a satellite GPS reading.
  • Generate a “Flying Star Chart” according to the construction date and facing degree data of dwelling.
  • Charting will be transferred to your floor plan to locate beneficial and harmful locations.
  • A detailed room-by-room written analysis with practical and affordable remedies.
  • How the Present Cycle and Annual Cycle could affect your health and finances.
  • A detailed report of your best working and sleeping directions, and locations matched with activities.
  • Your best directions or best areas for prosperity, creativity, talent and romance.
  • Your compatibility with your residence, associates and family members.

Reap the following benefits of “Feng Shui Design”

1.    Create harmonious living and working environment.

2.    Increase productivity and creativity.

3.    Avoid arguments, theft, and lawsuits.

4.    Enhance relationships and avoid divorce.

5.    Improve health and avoid miscarriages.

6.    Prevent accidents.