What Is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui literally translates into “wind and water”.  This refers to how the wind disperses the “Qi” energy,  (pronounced Chi) while water absorbs, retains or stalls “Qi”, encouraging harmony with the winds and the waters of the earth to promote health and prosperity.

Feng Shui is the “Ancient Chinese Art, Science and Skills” using a geomantic/mathematic system and a complex set of theories and mathematic calculations, to identify the harmful and beneficial nature of sites, dwellings and how the nature of these energies can affect our life, including our own personal life, living and working space.  It is based on the book of changes better known as the “I Ching”, the Yin and Yang theories, the Eight Trigrams, and the five elements:   Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.  Feng Shui is neither a religion nor a superstition.

All living things are interconnected with the universe and nature. Everything is influenced by Yang (sun and light) and Yin (rain and darkness).  The responsibility of a Feng Shui Consultant is to keep external and internal spaces in alignment with the forces of nature.

Feng Shui is the Art and Science of creating harmonious living including dwelling orientations to the Interior Design and Decoration.  This seeks to promote and favorably influence the flow of “Qi” throughout a specific space or dwelling.  The practice of living harmoniously within our environment is fairly new to the western world, but in China and India it is thousands of years old.  Detailed records were kept for centuries on experiments and observations to support the validity and accuracy of Feng Shui.  It is believed to have begun over 5,000 thousands years ago.

Feng Shui identifies the most beneficial space for people.  The orientation and placement of rooms is crucial in order to create a supportive and powerful environment.  The most harmonious time to renovate, build or move into a new home, selecting a partner or a marriage date is all determined by Feng Shui.  For thousands of years Feng Shui has assisted human beings in bringing beneficial energies into their home and office.

Feng Shui remedies are simple and inexpensive and can disable harmful energies, which could create obstacles, delays, illnesses and misfortunes in your life.  It is the way to improve the quality of your life.