Form Schools

Form School focuses on the contours of the physical landscapes, their shape, size and watercourses.  The relationship between the physical environment and the placement of a building is extremely important.  Four animals also symbolize the four directions of the compass. The Dragon (East), the Tiger (West), the Red Phoenix (South) and the Black Tortoise (North). Within all of these you could find the most beneficial location for your home or office. This system also concerns itself with exterior and interior alignments that could be detrimental to your well being, such as;  certain roadways, building alignments, waterways and architectural features either exterior or interior that could create problems or unbalance.

San Yuan School (Compass School)

Xuan Kong system, simply known as the “Flying Star” technique. This system takes into account time and space and the changing forces during different periods of time and its influences on exterior and interior spaces. This system explains why the luck of a dwelling may change with time.  In the “Flying Star System”, the “Qi”  pattern of a dwelling is determined relative to the time aspect such as the hour, day, month and year cycles along with the “Earth Qi” or orientation of the dwelling governed by the Earth’s magnetic forces.  It is believed that this system originated in China during the Song Dynasty. This practice is used to locate the Feng Shui energies for each direction sector and to map the “Qi” flow coming from different locations.  It is based on a scientific and mathematic formulation that calculates 216 types of buildings.  Among these are:  Combination of 10, Parent String, String of Pearl formation as well as many other advanced systems.