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I had the pleasure of working with Solange at a very critical turning point in my life. I had been living in a house for a few years and feeling very discouraged. I was thinking of remodeling or selling my home and I contacted Solange for some advice. She was so accurate in her assesment and analysis of my situation, it was uncanny. Everything she told me about my home and how my family functioned within it was right on! I was so impressed that she understood what was going on in our family!. Her advice was for me to sell and buy something else that would work better for us. In a short time, we sold our home. We found a new home and we consulted Solange, before we even put in the offer. Our new home was filled with good energy! Just as she predicted, all that she said, has truly come to pass. Our professional lives and our money has completely changed. My daughter's depression is gone. In our last house, her room had sickness and depression in it and her new room does not. We are a happier and more prosperous family. I am so grateful for Solange's professionalism, experience and guidance. Our family was truly blessed by her help!
S.G., Santa Clarita, California

Solange came into my life at a very critical point. I was in the middle of my divorce, no money, no real career and lots of fighting in my home. After Solange's Feng Shui I now come home to peace and harmony. My children are getting along and we experience joy and laughter throughout the house. My career has a focus and is turning into a money source. My life has made a drastic turn for the better. Thank you Solange.
M.M., Saugus, California

I have known Solange Mikucki for years. Her extensive knowledge of Feng Shui is above reproach. Her widespread access to items of correction make the process of harmonizing ones home or workplace a delightful journey. Her continued quest to access and embrace the highest quality in all that she does makes her the one Feng Shui Master that I trust implicitly.
K. J. N., Santa Clarita, California

Thank you for bringing "Authentic" Feng Shui into our life. Your expertise in the Art & Science of Feng Shui through your Seminars, Consultations, and Readings has been invaluable to us. When I look back on our house hunting days--when we were searching for our dream home-I recall the one experience with you (as our Feng Shui Consultant) that really changed our lives. I know that each person and building is unique; and so when my husband and I found a large attractive house in Las Vegas, with a swimming pool and spa in the backyard, we agreed this is the house for us.  Before making an offer to purchase however, we asked you to give us a thorough analysis of the house--calculating the natal chart of the residence, locating its unforeseen influences; and how these energies both "seen" and "unforeseen" would affect us as occupants of the house. Just walking up to the front door of the house we had selected for a reading you immediately could see some misfortune had occurred within the residence. Your analysis further confirmed how deceiving this house could be. Confidentially, you advised us to ask the owners the question: "Why are you selling the house?" The current owners replied: "We are selling because we are moving out of the State." As we climbed the stairs to the master bedroom they further revealed that both their father-in-law and mother who previously owned the house, had died; not at the same time, but sadly within a year of each other. We did not make an offer on the house, as Solange advised us that the house was facing on a void line. Some years later we discovered through a Real Estate Professional that the attractive house was frequently on the Market for Sale. The Realtor did not know why the house was on the Market year after year; except for one fact: "six owners who lived in the house had died." We feel blessed that we found and purchased a residence that you had analyzed as a Wang Shan Wang Shui house (good for people, good for money); where the construction numbers are auspiciously aligned with the mountain and water; and the pool and spa in the backyard are in a good placement. "Home sweet Home" is what my husband and I say to each other after we view the favorable color schemes, and room to room remedies and enhancements. The Chi flows unobstructed throughout our home these days to the benefit of our health, happiness, and prosperity. We appreciate you Solange, as an Interior Designer and Master of Feng Shui. Thank you again Solange, you have helped us in ways that you do not know!!! Or maybe you knew? In Appreciation,
B&B, Las Vegas, Nevada

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