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Solange Mikucki

Solange Mikucki has over 30 years experience in interior design and decorating, which includes color coordination, space planning, and furniture arrangement. She is also responsible for the selection and purchasing of accessories, furnishings, fabrics, and lighting for a variety of distinct clientele. Solange received her formal education in France. She taught interior design and antique restoration in Germany for five years and from 1965 to 1969 and was featured several times on the Armed Forces television series, Antiquities & Restoration and Designing with Antiques. For many years she led "Architectural & Art Appreciation Tours" throughout Europe, taking the participants to the most exclusive porcelain, tapestry, and furniture manufacturers and art centers. Her extensive worldwide travel, rich in experiences, and unparalleled expertise, has refined, enhanced and seasoned her sense of style and creativity.

Ms. Mikucki has been interested in Asian culture, art and architecture since her youth. Her interest intensified after attending a Chinese exposition in Paris in the early 60s. She began to avidly read and enthusiastically study Asian philosophy and meta-physics, including the ancient art and science of Feng Shui. However, Ms. Mikucki found that most books promoted superficial methods based on myth. It was not until the early 90s that she was fortunate enough to become a student of one of the world's most renowned masters of classical Feng Shui. Apprenticeship with other masters followed. She is a "Certified Feng Shui Specialist". Ms. Mikucki's passion and goal is to awaken the general public to the art, wisdom, and science of Feng Shui.

Her firm, Feng Shui Plus, is one of the few firms incorporating interior design with the fundamental principles of classical Feng Shui. Her continuing determination for additional knowledge and her genuine concern for her client’s environmental needs, has resulted in a professional and personalized service wrapped in simplicity and understated elegance.

Ms. Mikucki specializes in classical Feng Shui techniques and on-site interior design services for existing dwellings and businesses. An audit includes the evaluation, identification, and correction of Feng Shui problems that may hinder one's wealth, health, and relations with other people. She also offers advice about remodeling and selecting auspicious properties.

Ms. Mikucki conducts Feng Shui seminars and workshops nationwide, contributing to various media publications and is the author of a monthly Feng Shui column for the "Signal's Special Family Monthly Magazine" in Santa Clarita, California. Ms. Mikucki is a popular featured speaker on interior design and Feng Shui. She is dedicated to educating the public about what classical Feng Shui is and how the tradition can help you achieve prosperity, good health, and beneficial relationships.

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