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Feng Shui Tips for the Garden
Year Chart 1910-1959
Year Chart 1960-2009
Year Chart 2010-2059

Feng Shui Tips for the Garden

  1. Never place a water feature such as swimming pool, spa, pond(s) or water fountain(s) without consulting with a Certified Feng Shui Consultant.  Water placed in the wrong sector can lead to serious health problems or financial losses.
  2. Dead trees or bushes should be removed immediately. For trees make sure that the trunk is removed or covered with soil.
  3. Trees, sharp corners, utility poles, fire hydrant and posts should not be aligned with the front door, this restricts the Chi from entering your dwelling.
  4. The outside of a curve should not be in line with any doors at the front or back of the dwelling.
  5. A Y or T-junction aligned with your front door is very detrimental to the health and wealth of the residents.
  6. Design your landscape by keeping the dwelling inside of a circle; this is achieved by designing your landscape with ½ circle at the back and front of the dwelling. Therefore placing the dwelling inside of a circle.
  7. Pathway to the front door should be curved to allow Chi to meander and bring beneficial Chi.
  8. Avoid placing the fire element such as a BBQ or a fire pit in the North West sector of the garden. This direction represent the trigram Qian, the element of metal, the father or owner of a company, as well as certain body parts such as the lungs, head, nose and intestine.  Placing any of these fire elements including the color red, purple and pink is not beneficial to the father, husband or owner/CEO of a corporation.
  9. Allergies and asthma can be avoided or improved by avoiding the fire elements as described above in the West direction sector of your garden. Use the color yellow and white.
  10. The back of your garden or site should have a virtual or real mountain for support and financial backing. Virtual could be trees or a taller dwelling then yours.
  11. As you face the dwelling the right side is the Dragon side and should be taller, while the left side commonly known as the Tiger side should be lower.  The configuration of these forms energizes and supports the site to benefit the residents.
  12. Avoid trees such as weeping willows to close to the dwelling or front door, as well as plants with thorns to avoid unpleasant incidents.
  13. It is best to have a lot that is either square or rectangular.  If the site is uneven use landscaping to square it off.
  14. Electric power poles and wires can upset our body Chi. The solution is to place a pile of round stones in the area.  The round stones will absorb the negative Chi produced by the electric power poles.
  15. Wrought iron or wood fences should not have sharp and jagged tops, this create “poison arrow”, detrimental to the health, relationships and wealth of the residents.
  16. Avoid a draining ditch behind your garden or property.  Stagnant, polluted waters    are extremely unhealthy and breed mosquitoes that could be detrimental to your health.
  17. If the back of your property slopes down to a ravine “Chi” is not retained and money losses are likely to occur.  The solution is building a wall at least four feet tall, in order for Chi to support the residents.
  18. When the back of your property has a huge hill or mountain too close to the house the residents are likely to suffer from depression and a feeling of uneasiness.
  19. Garden ornaments such as statuary, pedestals ornamental pots or urns are very useful in deflecting “poison arrow”.  The placement of spiritual figures in the garden is considered auspicious as long as they are placed well above ground on a ledge or a pedestal as to give them honor and respect.
Cascading water falls, bells, chimes and bamboo flutes all add soothing sounds to the garden and can serve to stimulate stagnant or beneficial Chi or disperse the flow of “poison arrow”.  Don’t forget to plant flowers that will attract butterflies and birds, these are wonderful creatures of nature that creates beneficial Chi and add endless hours of delightful pleasures of our senses.

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