Peppy Caccavale

Ms. Caccavale is a Certified Feng Shui Consultant who has been interested in Asian culture, art and architecture for many years.  She received her certification and studies under Master Solange Mikucki.   Peppy’s passion and goal is to awaken you to the art, wisdom and science of classicial Feng Shui.  A 5,000 year old technique. 

Peppy has over 7 years’ experience in Feng Shui.  She loves to be able to harmonize your personal energy with your environment by using the powerful Feng Shui systems to:  promote or improve health, promote better sleep which could eliminate depression, warding off addictions, creating career advancement or promotion, preventing lawsuits or malicious influences, preventing accidents, avoiding against separations or divorce, increasing creativity and better studies and finding the best home or place of business.

Her firm, Feng Shui Plus, incorporates the fundamental principles of classical Feng Shui.  Her continuing determination for additional knowledge and her genuine concern for her client’s environmental needs, has resulted in a professional and personalized service wrapped in simplicity and understated elegance.  An audit includes the evaluation, identification, and correction of Feng Shui problems that may hinder one’s wealth, health, and relations with other people. She also offers advice about selecting auspicious properties.  She is dedicated to educating you regarding what classical Feng Shui is and how the tradition can help you achieve prosperity, good health, and beneficial relationships.

Prior to Ms. Caccavale becoming a Feng Shui Consultant, her background includes having a Master’s degree in Human Resources and she was the Director of Human Resources for Casino Data System  and she was a field Manager of Human Resources for Raytheon in Irvine, CA and San Diego, CA.   Peppy is also a Stained Glass/Fusion Glass artist with over 30  years of experience.  Her interest in Feng Shui was sparked when her Reiki client, Solange, were talking about the Chi in Reiki for the body and the Chi in Feng Shui and how they both work with energy and healing.  One for the body and the other for the home/office.  Peppy is also a Reiki Master and Teacher.