I have known Peppy for approximately 5 years.  She is my Reiki Master and my Feng Shui Consultant.  Three years ago, Peppy did Feng Shui on my house in Washington.  Since I am directionally challenged, I found it necessary for her to come to the house to place things where they should be.  The first year she warned me that it was not a good idea to remove a tree that we had scheduled for removal.  Peppy was correct and the events that followed are too lengthy to go into.  She also warned me of possible accidents.  In our outdoor remodeling, we did have someone that had one of the brick paver dropped on their hand which was a little gruesome.  The following year she had warned us about legal issues and though they were quickly resolved, she again was correct.  I personally will not take the time to learn all that Peppy has taken the time to study.  However, I completely trust Peppy’s advice on the energy flow in our home.

KT, Vancouver, WA

Last year I had the pleasure of working with Peppy.  She came to my home and during our consultation, I told her about my daughter who had been sick ever since we had moved into this house.  In reviewing the numbers she gets from  her calculations of  “Flying Stars”, technique she discovered that my daughter’s bedroom was situated in the worst part of the house for a bedroom.  Peppy gave me some options for the corrections.  However, we decided to move her bedroom across the hallway and to use that room as storage.  I am glad to say my daughter’s health has been regained.

JR, Burbank, CA

I have been working with Peppy for a few years now.  I had been contemplating moving to a new location since my rent was going to be increased.  After several calculations on the new locations,  Peppy stated the locations were not good for people or money, or good for money and not for people.  I decided to stay where I was living since it had a very good energy flow.   I didn’t need to pack up  all of my furnishings and the cost saving was great from a time and money standpoint.  My apartment was good for money and people.  I made the right choice with her assistance.

TV, Los Angeles, CA